Finistère is the fishing destination par excellence and its rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and the sea abound with fish. Whether you are a sports fisherman or are simply looking for a way to relax there is something for everyone.

Brittany is the most important area for fishing in France.
With approximately 200,000 tonnes per year, Brittany accounts for more than half of the total fish production of France. Brittany has about 7000 fishermen and more than 10.000 people find work in this sector. There are about seventy fishing ports, from which Lorient, Concarneau and Saint Malo are the home ports of industrialized fisheries.

Le Guilvinec is the largest French harbour for traditional fishing. Its harbour and its quays come to life at 16.00 h when the ships return with theys daily catch and you can watch the fisherman unload their fresh fish (Sardine, Tuna, Haddock, Langoustines…). A big part of the fish is destined for the many canneries in this region.

In the near surroundings we offer a large scale of fishing fun. On a 3 km distance there is a large reservoir 50ha where people mainly fish for trout, pike, carp and perch. Nearby the beach you will find “Etang de Saint Vio”. Another beautifull lake 10 ha filled with carp, pike, roach, etc. And off course not to forget “Le Goyen” which is one of rivers in France with the most Salmon. It has a 36 km track not only for fishing Salmon but also eel, perch and trout.

The best way to discover finishing in Finistère is to let yourself go with the flow. Trout and salmon one day, rivers with strong currents or large reservoirs the next, the choice is vast and the possibilities surprising. Come and discover the different landscape with quiet streams and rushing rivers, large reservoirs and smaller ponds.